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Introduction to using GraphQl in React with Apollo

posted on: 08-may-2018

What is GraphQl and why should I be interested in it? In a nutshell, we can see GraphQL as a syntax that describes the data you get, usually from a backend API. It was created by Facebook and in most cases, it provides good solutions to REST API's problems.

Your first application with React and Mobx 4

posted on: 28-apr-2018

If you are in the React world there are some pretty high chances you may have heard about Mobx. Mobx is a lightweight and easy to learn state management library developed by Michel Weststrate.

The 10 min ES6 course for the beginner React Developer

posted on: 28-mar-2018

The famous 80–20 Pareto principle is also true when it comes to the learning React & ES6 relationship. ES6 came with more that 75 new features, but from what I’ve seen, I found myself needing less than 20% of them in more that 80% of the cases.

Build a game with React part 3 - simple animations by using setInterval and clearInterval in React JS

posted on: 16-mar-2018

We will see in this final part of the series how to use React with setInterval to generate a basic animation and also how to end the running of a setInterval.

Build a game with React part 2 - using setState

posted on: 08-mar-2018

In the second part of this tutorial we will see in action things like how to change the state of a component, will add images to our game and "teach" it how to draw some random symbols.

Geting started with the code samples and create react app

posted on: 22-feb-2018

Usually a JS Craft Screencast will provide you with two downloadable code samples: the starting version of the code and the final version - how the code should look like at the end of the screencast.

Build a game with React part 1 - project setup basic components inline styles

posted on: 18-feb-2018

In this first part we will cover the basic project setup, meet the core components and use the inline styles to implement some of the features in our small game example.