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Build a game with React part 2 - using setState

posted on: 08-apr-2018

In the second part of this tutorial we will see in action things like how to change the state of a component, will add images to our game and "teach" it how to draw some random symbols.

Build a game with React part 1 - project setup basic components inline styles

posted on: 18-mar-2018

In this first part we will cover the basic project setup, meet the core components and use the inline styles to implement some of the features in our small game example.

Geting started with the code samples and create react app

posted on: 22-feb-2018

Usually a JS Craft Screencast will provide you with two downloadable code samples: the starting version of the code and the final version - how the code should look like at the end of the screencast.

Why should you have a side project as a javascript developer

posted on: 03-feb-2018

Dan Abramov completely changed his life with just 99 lines of code when he created Redux. And yes, it started out of fun as just a simple sideproject. So was the first version of Node.Js, created by Ryan Dahl. When you work on a side project, your returns are directly proportional to the value you add. The more time and effort you put in it, the more you get out.

How to build a React Edit Cancel Text Input component

posted on: 29-jan-2018

In a recent project, at one point we needed to build an cancel editable field. Let me show you what I mean. For example if you double click this word it will become a text input and I can set a new value for it. On the other side edit and later decide to cancel the text will remain the same. What you see in here is a jQuery plugin, so we will need a way to replicate this in react.

Build a password strength checker with zxcvbn and React

posted on: 06-jan-2018

Hello and Wellcome ! In this episode we are gone to tackle a very common problem. How to set secure passwords for your users. One interesting library I've discovered these days is ZXCVBN and is made by the guys from Dropbox.

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