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CSS Attribute selector – case insensitive option and select by multiple attributes

Sharing the CSS breakpoints with JavaScript

[Js-Craft #25] How to start learning React, using Javascript Proxies and games to learn CSS Grid and Flexbox

How to (and how NOT to) learn REACT?

Fun games to learn CSS Grid and Flexbox

Switching to absolute imports in React Create App (Typescript and Javascript) and target=”_blank” have a security vulnerability

A CSS tricky situation – the order of the CSS class names in the HTML tags

Javascript proxies – restricting access to object properties and some other practical examples

What are Javascript proxies?

[Js-Craft #24] CurrentColor value in CSS, Javascript things I did not know, using double negation in JS and more

Select tags by attribute in CSS

The double negation !! in Javascript

Links, ideas, news roundup #4

Arrow functions don’t have access to the arguments object as regular functions

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