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[Js-Craft #26] New screencast, CSS logical properties, sharing CSS breakpoints with Javascript and more

Hello hello! It's Tuesday and as usual, it is time for the biweekly newsletter of js-craft. Out of a funny coincidence, this edition of the newsletter is mainly focused on CSS. Did a lot of CSS refactoring lately and maybe that's why šŸ˜….

Even made a short video about building a responsive CSS grid layout with just 3 properties.

responsive CSS grid layout with just 3 properties video

The full list of newly published articles is below:

Given that we had 2 weeks of almost continuous rain I've had time to see a lot of movies. So for this edition of the newsletter, I have two movie recommendations instead of one: The Two Faces of January and To Catch a Thief.

That's all for today, folks! Stay healthy, be nice and keep coding!

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