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Activating the dual-screen support for Galaxy Fold or Surface Duo in developer tools

[Js-Craft #27] Dynamically import Javascript modules, CSS custom fonts for Web Vitals and more

Video – Using XHR breakpoints to intercept HTTP calls in Chrome Devtools

Dynamically import multiple Javascript modules – React and ReactDom

You can dynamically import Javascript modules

Why use the :root pseudo selector to define CSS variables

Javascript – using default values for function parameters and when destructuring

Optimizing web fonts loading for CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift)

When to use CSS grid and when to use flexbox

[Js-Craft #26] New screencast, CSS logical properties, sharing CSS breakpoints with Javascript and more

CSS logical properties: using the margin-block and margin-inline instead of the default margin

How CSS resolves conflicts: Cascading

Resetting properties in CSS – Initial vs Revert

Applying a conditional border-radius in CSS (without media queries)

Making a responsive CSS grid layout with just 3 properties

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