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Links, ideas, news roundup #1

A collection of cool links, ideas, and news that I've seen in the past few days:

  • the :not() CSS pseudo selector accepts a complete list of selectors. We can do something like :not(h1, h2, #main) as we have for the :is selector
  • CSS inset is now fully supported. This means we can have shorthands as inset: 4px 8px; instead of top: 4px ; right: 8px;
  • we can emulate the dark mode and reduced motion in Chrome Dev Tools. More details here.
  • in PHP you can use debug_backtrace() to print the full stack trace as we have in javascript the console.trace
  • seen in the CSS Tricks newsletter a great example for the Container Queries made by Max Böck. Impressive stuff.

That's all folks! See you the next time!

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