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The Js-Craft guide to React

Don't waste your time learning React the hard way

Coding in React should be fun! In the end, React is a tool designed to make your life easier as a developer. A lot of hard work, and money, have been invested in React to make you, the developer, more productive.

And yet, React can still be confusing!

That’s why I wrote this book. I see it as my personal map of what to learn, tips, and not-so-intuitive solutions to common problems that I've encountered during my years of writing React. I have been finding some of the cheat codes and want to share them with you. Best practices, architectures, techniques, and performance optimizations - always in your pocket!

180+ pages and
handcrafted examples
15 chapters with tips and solutions 2 full apps and a dozen smaller ones automatic updates of new versions included

What others are saying?

Matt Lee
Lead Engineer

Daniel is an excellent teacher. His approach directly addresses practical concerns you will face in your daily React work, without talking down to you or wasting your time with fluff.

Michael Roth
Senior Software Engineer

Navigating the React ecosystem is anything but simple. Having a guide who'll help you avoid getting lost is priceless. That's where this book comes in. The Js-Craft Guide To React is years of trial & error of trying different solutions for common problems in React apps and finding out which solved the problems and are more than likely to solve yours. Daniel went through it all so you don't have to.

Checkout the examples

This is a hands-on coding first book. There are over 250 code recipes in this book explained, and multiple projects. Check out the video of an example app and you can also read a free sample of the book.


Best-practices, architectures, techniques and performance optimizations - always in your pocket:


βœ… Book in Light & Dark themes

βœ… All Code Examples

βœ… PDF + EPUB book version downloads

β˜‘οΈ 1 hour of mentoring

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βœ… Book in Light & Dark themes

βœ… All Code Examples

βœ… PDF + EPUB book version downloads

βœ… ️1 hour of video call mentoring details

Invest In Your Career

Table of contents

The Js-Craft guide to React includes the folowing:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding JSX
  • Inter Component Communication
  • Using the the Children API in React
  • State in Components
  • Form Management and Input Controls
  • Working with Lists in React
  • The useEffect Hook
  • React Hooks deep dive and Custom Hooks
  • The useReducer Hook
  • Context API and useContext
  • Full app 1: Rock Paper Scissor game
  • Performance, Best Practices and other tips
  • Folder and File Structuring
  • Full app 2: Github Users Search app

You can see here the full table of contents. New content is added on a regular basis and updated to the new versions of React.

About the author

Hi there, friend! I’m Daniel. I am a coder, and educator.

I used to work at companies such as Skillshare, Tradeshift, or ING, where I had a chance to be exposed to completely different types of frontend development in various teams.

Since 2018 I've been writing the js-craft.io blog about React and other frontend topics, held in-class and online courses and made over 3000 contributions to my Github. You can always reach me at daniel@js-craft.io or read more about me here.

Frequently asked questions

What prerequisites do I need to have before taking this course?

You should know how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Being familiar with general web development terms such as what is an API would make sense too.

If I purchase the package with the 1:1 video call included how will that work?

We will schedule the call whenever you are ready and will try to do my best to help you. You can use that time to ask me for help regarding solutions to your React exercises or general career advice. We can also split the 60 minutes into 2 calls of 30 min each. The calls will be done via Zoom or Google Hangouts at a time that is most convenient for you. Just email me if you have any questions and I am sure we can find a solution.

Is the learning material up-to-date?

Technical books are usually outdated soon after their release, but since this book is self-published, I can update it as needed. At this point, the code from the book is made for React 18 (the most recent release) and I will update it as soon as a new version comes up.

What if I don't like it? Can I get a refund?

I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with the book! Yes, please send a refund request to daniel@js-craft.io within 14 days of purchase and I will fully refund you the price. Not mandatory but I would appreciate it if you could provide the reason for the refund so that I can improve the book

Can I read the book on my Kindle?

Absolutely! The book comes in PDF and ePub formats. Kindle supports both of them. You can use Amazon's "Send to Kindle" service to upload it to any of your Kindle devices.

Do you support Purchasing Power Parity or student discounts?

If you live in a country with low purchasing power, or you are a student mail me with your details and some proof (student ID, etc.) and I'll organize a special discount for you.

Can I share the book with my friends and coworkers?

The book license is for one person only. I would ask you to respect that and not distribute it to others. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Can I purchase several copies for my team?

Yes. Send me an email and I'll organize a team discount and can also offer bulk course enrollment and account setup.


βœ… Book in Light & Dark themes

βœ… All Code Examples

βœ… PDF + EPUB book version downloads

β˜‘οΈ 1 hour of mentoring

Invest In Your Career

βœ… Book in Light & Dark themes

βœ… All Code Examples

βœ… PDF + EPUB book version downloads

βœ… ️1 hour of video call mentoring details

Invest In Your Career
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