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React for Beginners 2023: Build an App, and learn by example

About this course

Learn React without all the distractions and updated with all the new 2023 techniques in React. Thinks like React Suspense, Server Side Components, React Hooks and much more. This course will stick to the fundamentals, and guide you through the creation of your first app.

After taking this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in the fundamentals of React, and will be confident enough to move onto more advanced topics, which I hope to cover in future courses.

What this course is about

Some of the topics covered include: elements and components, working with JSX, React Hooks, working with forms, building your first App and much more. In addition to the above I’ve also included two bonus videos on React rendering, and updates:

1. Introduction
2. Your First React Component
3. Nested Components
4. Build an App: I'm Feeling Funny
5. Build an App: Component State
6. Build an App: I'm Feeling Funny
7. Build an App: Component State
8. Build an App: I'm Feeling Funny
9. Build an App: Component State
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About your instructor

Ryan Branson
Full-Stack Developer, React, Node.js

Hi there, I’m Ryan; I am a Consultant, and Full-Stack Developer that specializes in JavaScript, with an emphasis on React, and Node.js.

As a freelance developer I have been afforded the unique opportunity to provide services for start-ups, banks, consulting firms, marketing agencies, and many others.

I love being a developer, and continuous learning will always be a big part of this role. I wouldn’t be where I am today if others hadn’t graciously shared their knowledge, and for that reason I make an effort to do the same through writing, Open Source, and teaching.

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