📖 Neural networks for Javascript developers

Build Machine Learning models that you can easily integrate with existing or new web apps. Think of your ReactJs, Vue, or Angular app enhanced with the power of Machine Learning models.

Coming from a classical Javascript developer background I’ve become fascinated by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Because of how Machine Learning works it can do things that are not replicable with the if-then-else programming. Things like facial recognition, conversational bots, or voice commands.

This book is a hands-on approach to understanding the basics of Neural Networks and deploying real-world solutions using TensorFlowJs and JavaScript. Run your models in the browser or on the server with NodeJs.

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What is in for you:

  • understand the main concepts of Neural Networks such as gradient descent, weights, training, supervised and unsupervised Learning
  • step-by-step guide on how to approach, visualize and solve machine learning problems
  • learn why and when Neural Networks are the right tools for the job
  • examples of how to build from scratch a Neural Networks with Javascript
  • develop Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Neural Network, and other models. Use your models to solve real-world problems
  • how to use TensorflowJs with real real-world examples
  • Learn how to use the build in TensorflowJs model for doing things such as image recognition

I’ve tried to put together a good blend of theory, simple explanations, Javascript examples, and complete source code so that you can make your first steps in the amazing world of Neuronal Networks and Artificial Intelligence!

Join now the waiting list and get a 15$ coupon from the initial price:

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Neural Networks for JavaScript developers
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Hi friend! Before you go, just wanted to let you know that in March 2023 I will be launching the TensorFlow.Js by Example course.

This course will include basic concepts of AI and Neural Networks done with TensorFlowJs such as:

  • Working with datasets
  • Visualizing training
  • Deep Neural Networks in JavaScript
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • and much more ...

Also, there will be a lot of examples as:

  • Object detection
  • Natural language processing
  • Face and voice recognition
  • Gaming AI

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