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Hi 👋 I'm Daniel!

Welcome and thanks for dropping by! First of all, thank you for reading my blog. It's a pleasure to have you here!

I am a software developer with 16+ years of experience doing Javascript, CSS, and sometimes backend stuff.

I like computers. I try to make them like me back.

More than computers I like humans. I think every person has value, intelligence, and good inside. I think that education is the key to building a better, stable, and richer world.

When I am not coding I am constantly planning our next trip to Greece, love spending as much time outdoors as possible and listening to podcasts.

Random facts about me

  • I was born in 🇷🇴Romania in 1984
  • I started to learn programming in BASIC, because of a broken computer ⌨️ while trying to make my own video games🕹
  • I was lucky enough to have a career that allowed me to travel and work for software companies in 🇩🇰Denmark, 🇺🇸US, 🇧🇪Belgium, and 🇳🇴Norway
  • I have a funny slightly deranged, cat 😺 adopted from 🇬🇷Greece named Achilles
  • somehow as a masochist hobby, I am trying to understand how this AI 🤖 and neuronal networks stuff works from a coding perspective. Truth be told I am fascinated by this and it gives me the same feeling I had when first learned how to code.

My setup

My current setup is made of a 14 Inch Macbook Pro 14, 23 Inch Dell Monitor, a Dygma split keyboard, and a standing desk.

Struggling with back pain I am constantly experimenting with how to improve the ergonomics of my home office.

As day-to-day software, I use VS Code, Apple Notes, Chrome, and a clipboard manager named CopyClip. Search for a clipboard manager if you are not using one!

Get In Touch

You can always reach me by email at daniel@js-craft.io and on twitter.

The code for the articles is available on my GitHub.