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Frontend links of the past few days

One of the most motivating reads of the past few days is Joel Hooks article My blog is a digital garden, not a blog. One of those pieces of content that makes you love your sleeves and get to work.

Also Lately, I've been spending quite some time browsing thought the CSS examples on codepen. There are a lot of interesting ones, but the following ones caught my attention in particular:

Using CSS Grid to make a Newspaper Layout

Maybe one of the most beautiful and complete examples of using CSS grid to build the full layout of a page. Great work Olivia. By the way, follow her on codepen. She has some wonderful CSS examples.

Airplanes - the beginners guide

Another fantastic showcase on how CSS cand be used for visual narratives. A real piece of art in my opinion.

Super Mario - CSS only

When I first saw this, I recoiled and thought: “there’s no way this is just CSS”. Even I should know by now, how powerful CSS has become, I am still amazed when finding examples like this one.

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