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Links, ideas, news roundup #3

A collection of interesting links, ideas, and news that I've seen in the past few days around the web:

1. there is a q measurement unit in CSS. It is a fixed unit, representing a quarter-millimeter (aka 1 / 40th of a centimeter). Mostly used for super small optical adjustments. More details about it here.

2. How to find and remove dead CSS. A nice screencast of Justin Searls about identifying and removing unused CSS code. Watch it here. As a side note, you can also use the coverage tab from Google Chrome dev tools to improve on this subject.

3. Have a value proposition as a software developer. A really good tip from Swizec about how to market yourself as a software developer. In a nutshell, stop saying:

I know how to code in <<programing_language>>.

And instead, focus on:

 I achieve <<metrics_to_improve>> for <<clients_or_organizations>> 
 using <<tech_stack>>.

4. I have discovered Rachel Andrew's newsletter. Seen a lot of her great CSS talks but did not know she has this weekly newsletter. Subscribed ✅.

5. What Can You Put in a CSS Variable? Will Boyd has a great article about what we can store in a CSS variable. Btw, some while ago I've made this article with 5 different use cases demos for CSS variables.

That's all for today, folks! Cheers and happy coding!

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