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Links, ideas, news roundup #5

A few more weeks have passed and some links to some cool stuff have started to pile up in my bookmarks. So, let's see:

  • On the Code with Jason podcast found a great conversation between Jason Swett and Peter Cooper about building a successful career by intersecting two fields. Think React and Rails, or coding and Google docs. In general, the podcast has some really cool stuff and guests even if you are not in the Ruby world. So give it a try. Great work, Jason šŸ‘ !
  • Working mainly from a laptop only setup I sometimes miss a multi-screen environment. Tried the Mountie but it was not quite what I was expecting. There is a new multi-screen solution for laptops. It's called Xebec Tri Screen and comes at a $499 price for a 2 screen setup. Looks interesting.
  • Wrote an article about the HTML input type color, but there is also a proposal for an actual Eyedropper API. Right now it works only in Chrome Canary, but you can see here a video with it in action.
  • And even after more that 15 years of doing web development stuff I have not seen all the HTML tags and attributes. This week I've discovered the cite attribute and it seem it is used to specify a URL that points to the source document or message or why the text was changed. More details here.

That's all for today, folks! Cheers and happy coding!

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