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Open a link in a new tab in React

We have seen in a former article how to open a NextJs link in a new tab.

But, how can we do that in the plain old ReactJs? How can we open a link in a new tab in React?

Opening a link in a new tab in React

The first obvious step is to use the target="_blank" attribute.

const newTabLink = ({url, text})=> {
        <a href={url} rel="noopener" target="_blank">

Keep in mind to use rel="noopener" to avoid the security vulnerability that target=”_blank” may expose.

Opening a new tab at onClick() in React

The second option is to open a url in a new tab when the user clicks on a button or other React component.

We can do this using the method.

<button onClick={() =>'', '_blank', 'noopener')
    Go to JS Craft

Keep in mind that also in this case we will need to add the noopener parameter to avoid any phishing vulnerabilities.

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