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How to add debounce to useEffect() in React

In the case where we want to build a React search box, or autocomplete text input, a debounce functionality comes very handy as we don't want to have an API called for each keystroke of the user.

So, instead of having something like this:

useEffect(() => {
}, [query]);

We want to have something like this:

useEffect(() => {
}, [waitForTheTypingToStop(query)]);

In this example, we will use the debounce function from lodash, but if you want to add your own I've written a post on how to make a debouncing function in Javascript.

Below is the full code of the solution:

const App = ({wait}) => {
  const [query, setQuery] = useState("abc");
  const ref = useRef();

  const onChange = () => console.log("query = ", query)

  useEffect(() => {
    ref.current = onChange
  }, [onChange]);

  const doCallbackWithDebounce = useMemo(() => {
    const callback = () => ref.current?.()
    return lodash.debounce(callback, wait);
  }, []);

  return (<>
    <p>Input debounced for {wait} ms:</p>
      onChange={(e) => {

It will debounce the action previously used in useEffect() for a given number of milliseconds thus limiting the number of API calls:
screenshot of search debounced component in React

You can checkout the full working codepen here.

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