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The src folder in NextJs

Alongside the standard root pages folder, NextJs allows you to also place the code for your pages in a special /src folder. The same goes for your styles files or shared components.

You don't need to do any extra configuration, as the /src folder is supported by default.

If you already have a root /pages folder and you can just move those files to the /src/pages and the mapping of the routes will work as before.

After moving the code you should do the following to avoid any weird errors:

  • stop npm run dev
  • delete the /.next folder
  • restart npm run dev

Some notes about the src folder:

  • files like jsconfig.json, tsconfig.json, package.json, .gitignore, and other config files need to be in the root directory, not in the src folder.
  • Only if a path is not first found in the root /pages it is then searched in /src/pages. If you have both a root /pages and a /src/pages folder the files in the root pages folder will be prioritized. But, in general, try to avoid having both /pages and /src/pages
  • the public folder cannot be moved to the src folder
  • you can move the folders where you keep your CSS files or components files to the /src folder. However, keep in mind that if you use absolute imports in NextJs or module aliases you will need to also update the jsconfig.json or tsconfig.json files:
        "compilerOptions": {
            "baseUrl": "./src"
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