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Confession: not sure what's wrong with me but I have been always a bit obsessed with the workspace setup of the people I admire. What tools do they use, what software, what's their workflow, where and when do they work from? Even how the office looks like?

Almost the first thing I do when I am on the website of someone I like is to go to the about page hoping I will see a picture of their workspace. I think in my mind it's something like "if I will imitate that I will be as smart as he/she is".

A few days ago I came across It is a collection of developers' computer setups. The different ways of working are fascinating and as you may imagine it's a small treasure for workspace setup-er freak like me.

So, If you're curious about what folks are using for daily development, give it a go. I think I've spent a few hours bouncing from one site to another.

Bonus: I've found here a collection of pictures of the workspaces of famous writers.

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