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Using objects with addEventListener in vanilla Javascript

The default way we use addEventListener is in conjunction with a callback function:

    .addEventListener('click', () => alert('This is an alert !!!');

However, it seems we can also pass it objects, as long as they have defined the handleEvent() method:

class MyHandlerObj { 
    constructor() { 
        this.alerts = 0; 

    // we need to have this method as it is
    // defined in the `EventListener` interface
    handleEvent() { 
        alert('Alerts triggered ' + alerts); 

    .addEventListener('click', new MyHandlerObj());

And, based on this, we can build a parent like :

class MyComponent { 
    constructor (el) { 
        this.el = el
        this.el.addEventListener('click', this) 

    handleEvent (event) { 
        console.log('my component element was clicked') 

    destroy () { 
        this.el.removeEventListener('click', this) 

const component = new MyComponent(document.querySelector('button') );

You can use this also when adding event listeners to mutiple elements in Javascript.

Coll stuff! Kudos to Stefan Judis for writing about this one šŸ‘.

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