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[Js-Craft #22] Throttling and Debouncing, the CSS calc() function, manifest files, and more

Aloha friends! It's Daniel here, with the biweekly newsletter of

The past couple of days have been again too warm, so therefore a new trip to the mountains was welcomed. Below is the view from our hotel room:

On the development side, I am pretty excited as I've started a new React and Typescript project at my workplace. Looking forward to using all the new shiny React features in a high traffic production environment.

On js-craft I published 7 new articles about things like Throttling and Debouncing in Javascript, manifest files, using Ellipsis or the calc() function in CSS:

That's all folks! Be kind, be smart and keep coding!

PS: If you haven't yet seen Guy Ritchie's latest movie, Wrath of Man, go check it out. It's worth it 🙂

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