[Js-Craft #42] Javascript serverless functions, paginate an array in React, and a hiking trip at Lake Geneva

[Js-Craft #41] Infinite scrolling in NextJs 13, Javascript date formatting, and working from a Greek island

[Js-Craft #40] NextJs 13 pagination, CSS flexbox bar chart, Coding as a craft and more

[Js-Craft #39] Over 30 new articles about React, TensorflowJs, CSS, and Javascript

[Js-Craft #39] Inverting colors and black-white images using Javascript, podcast listening notes, and one hot encoding in TensorflowJs

[Js-Craft #38] The Neuronal Networks for Javascript developers book, new articles on React and TensorflowJs

[Js-Craft #37] Build your first Javascript neuronal network and an introduction to TensforflowJs

[Js-Craft #36] First steps with TensorflowJs and Machine Learning, React Portals and the CSS accent-color

[Js-Craft #35] Making a NextJs responsive sidebar layout, wildcards for querySelectorAll(), using React Icons with NextJs and much more

[Js-Craft #34] NextJs 13 fetching data, custom fonts, don’t use px in your CSS and more

[Js-Craft #33] Celebrating 200 posts, new sections of the newsletter, the Nextjs course, and more

[Js-Craft #32] First app with the new NextJs 13, make a calendar with CSS grid and more

[Js-Craft #31] A new course about NextJs, optimizing custom fonts loading performance, and more

[Js-Craft #30] Rebooting the newsletter, NextJs articles and more

[Js-Craft #28] Using a walking treadmill in your home office, the CSS attr() function and dual-screen devices in Chrome dev tools

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