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[Js-Craft #24] CurrentColor value in CSS, Javascript things I did not know, using double negation in JS and more

It is Tuesday, so here is the biweekly newsletter of Js Craft. This newsletter comes a bit late in the day, as we decided to make a short visit to Corfu island to enjoy the last days of summer. I've made this picture while on the ferryboat. That's Corfu town and the weather is still great (+27 Celcius).

On the blog, I've added a new round of interesting links I've found online, a second part to the small Javascript things I did not know until today, wrote about the currentColor value in CSS, and more. The full list of new articles is below:

That's all folk! Stay healthy, be nice and keep coding!

PS: on the fun side I've played a lot of Fantasy Strike in the past two weeks and seen The Ghost Writer (a bit old, but still a great movie)

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