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[Js-Craft #31] A new course about NextJs, optimizing custom fonts loading performance, and more

I've started a few weeks ago to read about and learn NextJs. And the more I dig into it the more I like it. I think it's a great tool for building SEO-friendly React apps, and overall it's super elegant to use.

Was considering making a course about NextJs. Not sure yet if it should be a more in-detail book or a video course.

If you are interested please click here and answer what type of format would you enjoy more (video or book) and/or what would you like to see in the course.

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šŸŒ“ Some non-coding things that I've enjoyed lately
Just finished a 4 days trip to the Greek island of Evia. Still, the weather was great, could do a lot of hiking and most likely I've discovered the best office ever:

Ok, have to admit it was mostly a work-hiking trip but still a lot of fun.

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