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My review of the Dygma Raise mechanical split keyboard

I have bought my Dygma Raise split keyboard about three months ago. So far it had turned out to be a great investment. Let me tell you more about it.

The main reason I've bought was because of the ergonomics. Having both lumbar and cervical back pains I am always in the search of ways to improve my posture and be pain-free.

Till this year I've mainly used the MacBook laptop keyboard and a basic external keyboard. Just that about at the end of 2020 I've started to have some front shoulder pains and the cervical pain increased.

Of course, all was worse while I was staying at the laptop. I've started to research how I can straighten my shoulders, and discovered the idea of the split keyboard.

The shortlist was made of the Dygma Raise Keyboard and the Moonlander Keyboard. Both quite expensive, approx 3-400$. I've chosen the Dygma Raise as it looked more compact and light.

Now, after using it for a few months I can say for sure it's a great tool to have. Out of all of the things I've tried to help with my posture while coding, it is maybe the best tool. I've felt the difference from the first few days. The fact it makes me keep my shoulders straight and wide apart it's a huge win.

One other thing that I've noticed is that my typing speed has improved. Also the feeling of a mechanical keyboard ... it's something else. It is nice to have a premium feeling for the items you interact with daily.

And yeah, initially I have hesitated to spend almost 400$ (shipping + some accessories) for a keyboard. But now if I think that I can use it for 5-6 years, and it that will protect my shoulders and cervical spine and increase my longevity as a developer I find it quite a very good investment.

Challenges with the Dygma keyboard

  1. Getting used to a split keyboard was wired for the first 2-3 weeks. And a bit frustrating to be honest. Moving to a split keyboard is a bit like learning again how to type, but it is worth it in the end.
  2. Would have been nice to have arrow keys.Now I have the Left Shift + WASD set as arrow keys. Btw you can refine any key and have multiple layers.
  3. Would be so so nice to have a wireless version. Cables are annoying, and it's 2021, but on the other side, I have not seen any other competitor offering having a split wireless keyboard. Maybe it is a technology limitation.

Neither one of these small problems proved to be a deal-breaker, especially given the gains in posture and ergonomics.

So, kudos and great work Dygma team.

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