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Notes on the Full Stack Anxiety talk

Our happiness and enthusiasm as developers are the main fuel of a long-lasting and fruitful career.

Having such a dynamic industry can be a great thing. New things to learn all the time, but boy it can mess up your happiness. Never feeling good enough, always in constant evolution is nice but it can also lead to anxiety and feeling of uncertainty and "too much to learn". To quote a friend "sometimes my brain hurts".

Had this Full Stack Anxiety talk of Joel Califa saved in my bookmarks for quite some while. It attracted my attention as it deals with some of these issues we face as developers.

What I like the most from this talk is the idea that the stereotypical interview question "Where do you want to be in 5 years from now?" can be a great tool. Really think about it, as its response will decide what to learn next, and maybe more important, what you should ignore.

Focusing on the things that don't change and being careful with how happy with your day-to-day career are the main other great takeaways.

Quite a timeless talk it gives a good overview of how to make a plan and stick to it, thus decreasing the anxiety when hearing about that new cool technology/tool that you, really, really need to know or otherwise your career will be deprecated. Good stuff!

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