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[Js-Craft #23] How I’ve started to learn programing, the page visibility API , how to debug CSS overflow

Hey it's Daniel here, the guy that maintains the JS Craft website. It's Tuesday morning and as usual, I am here with the biweekly newsletter.

The past two weeks were quite fun. Finally had some free days (beach time baby 😎) and started again to code in React on a daily basis.

I've set up a new home workspace. Picture below and more here how using a walking treadmill desk improved my focus and helped with the back pain.

Speaking about the blog I've written a short post about how I've started to learn to program, the page visibility API in Javascript, how to debug CSS overflow, and more. The full list is below:

So that's it for today, folks! Be kind, be smart and keep coding!

PS: State of play is a good movie I've seen over the weekend. It's an older one, but good stuff. Cheers!

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