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[Js-Craft #30] Rebooting the newsletter, NextJs articles and more

It has been quite some while since when I've last sent a JsCraft newsletter. It has been a mix of too much work at my day job, a bit of burnout and general fatigue from working from home, and too much screen time.

But, overall I've realized that I miss making content and improving the JsCraft site and therefore I've restarted publishing articles.

So, what to expect from the future content on JsCraft? Well, the same mix of concise articles about Javascript, CSS, and web development. Planning also to start an interview series.

And recently I've started to be quite interested in NextJs. So, expect some more content on this subject.

šŸ“˜ New articles published on

šŸŒ“ Some non-coding things that I've enjoyed lately

We are lucky to get some great weather here and took the opportunity to make a fast trip to the seaside. This is how the Black Sea looks at the beginning of October šŸ™‚ .

So, go outdoors enjoy the last sunny days and build your vitamin D reserves for the winter.

That's it, folks! See you in the next newsletter two weeks from now. Be smart, be kind, and keep coding!

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