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[Js-Craft #28] Using a walking treadmill in your home office, the CSS attr() function and dual-screen devices in Chrome dev tools

Hello hello, friends! Very glad to be in your inbox today! I hope your past two weeks were great, and that you’re safe, happy, and healthy. Let’s check out what’s new around the JS Craft blog!

Did some CSS coding aimed at the dual-screen devices (like Galaxy Fold or Surface Duo) and wrote an article on how to enable the dual-screen device views in the dev tools. Also found out how to use the CSS attr() function to do some cool stuff.

And finally, published a short review on how it is to use a walking treadmill on your home desk. Long story short, for me it was a game-changer!

The full list of new articles is below:

It had been a while since the last movie recommendation. Happy to say that I've discovered a hidden gem: To catch a thief. It's an old one, but so so good!

Cheers! That's all for today, folks! Stay healthy, be nice and keep coding!

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