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šŸ“– Neural networks for Javascript developers

The Neural Networks for JavaScript developers book is almost ready! Learn the basics of AI with TensorFlowJs examples. Join now the presale and get a 15$ coupon off the launching price!


Using computed property names with console.log – see what working setups other developers are using

Specialization – a way to manage learning fatigue

The CSS inset property explained

Tools of the trade: the CSS grid generator and the CSS selector explainer

How to better market yourself as a React developer

How CSS resolves conflicts: the specificity rule

How and why to use the repeat function in CSS Grid

How to style empty cells – using :empty and empty-cells

Vue.js and GraphQl – the documentaries

Tricks with the basic HTML list: using start, reversed and value

Creating Your First React Component – Screencast

Introduction to React state and stateless components

What can React Context API do for you? Multi-language text, Modals, and Theme switchers

The 7 Most Common Mistakes that beginner React Developers Make

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Neural Networks for JavaScript developers
Presale - 15$ free coupon

Hi friend! Before you go, just wanted to let you know that in March 2023 I will be launching the TensorFlow.Js by Example course.

This course will include basic concepts of AI and Neural Networks done with TensorFlowJs such as:

  • Working with datasets
  • Visualizing training
  • Deep Neural Networks in JavaScript
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Convolutional neural networks
  • and much more ...

Also, there will be a lot of examples as:

  • Object detection
  • Natural language processing
  • Face and voice recognition
  • Gaming AI

Join now the waiting list and get a 15$ coupon off the launching price!