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[Js-Craft #33] Celebrating 200 posts, new sections of the newsletter, the Nextjs course, and more

This week I've reached the milestone of 200 published articles on Js-Craft. It was a great ride and for this special day, decided to do a short top of the most visited posts. 

Also added 2 new sections to this newsletter: the Javascript interview questions of the week and the Talk of the week. By the way, as an experiment, I plan to send this newsletter weekly till the end of the year. 

Before we start, welcome our new subscribers: Jcruz, Kyds3, Richard, Katrine, Jayanth, and others! I'm super excited to have you around! 👋

🥇 Best 5 posts on JsCraft

Instead of the classic newly published articles list (you can check them on the site) this week I've made a top with the most visited articles in the past 2 years. : 

PS: If you are interested to see a specific tutorial on Js-Craft please feel to reply to this email and will do my best to help you. The answers go directly to my inbox.

📕 News about the NextJs course

Some weeks ago I've announced that I have started the work for a new NextJs course. With the release of all the new features in NextJs 13 the course will be delayed a bit. After your answers to the questionnaire decided it will be a video course. Stay tuned 🙂 

🖥 Talk of the week - Rachel Andrews CSS grid

Recently I've started a new section by curating some timeless talks about web development. This week is the one and only Rachel Andrews with a great introduction and recap of the CSS grid and flexbox:

☕️ Javascript Interview Question 

This one is another new section for the newsletter. Given that I often find cool Javascript interview questions decided to publish them. Just wrote this article about the first interview question: Javascript encoding and decoding for strings.

This week's question: you are given an array of integers (both positive and negative). Find the contiguous sequence with the largest sum. Return the sum and the numbers:

Input:2, -8, 3, -2, 4, -10
Output: 5 ( i. e • , { 3, -2, 4})

Give it a try, reply to this email and let me know how it went. You may find the Javascript reduce() function of help. Will publish the solution for it the next week.  

🌴 Some non-coding things that I've enjoyed lately

On the fun side, I've played a lot of Fantasy Strike in the past two weeks and seen The Ghost Writer (a bit old, but still a great movie). Also started the new season of The crown. It looks fantastic.

That's it, folks! See you next week! Be smart, be kind, and keep coding!

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