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Components vs pages in NextJs

[Js-Craft #30] Rebooting the newsletter, NextJs articles and more

Using the _app.js file in Nextjs to add common template parts

First routes in NextJs – static pages and router query params

Why do we need to have an < a > tag inside of a Link in NextJs?

Links, ideas, news roundup #6

Exploring the Link component in NextJs: objects as hrefs, disabling prefetching and page scroll, opening in new tab

How to create a NextJs app from an empty folder

What is NextJs prefetching and why should I care

The :where pseudo selector in CSS

Native color selection in HTML with the input type=color

Identifying the button which submitted a form in javascript

Differences between requestSubmit() and submit() in HTML forms

Selecting the full text with just one click in CSS

Is there a difference between DOM Node and Element?

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