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What to use as keys in React instead of the index

The pitfalls of using Index as Keys in React

[Js-Craft #47] The Guide to React book, CSS Grid, using console.trace(), image color inverting in Javascript and more

Craft a Responsive CSS Grid with just 3 properties

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JavaScript digit pincode field with paste support

React – example of useRef() with array

Make small projects and throw them away

[Js-Craft #46] The React book, 2023 yearly review, CSS Flexbox Bar Chart, React copy text to clipboard and more

React copy text to clipboard

CSS Flexbox Bar Chart

The 2023 yearly review of Js-Craft.io

Making a React pincode field component

React useState() – primitives vs objects in component rendering

[Js-Craft #45] That book about React, coding screencasts, debouncing useEffect(), Javascript clamp function, auto-scrolling in React, and more

šŸ“– 50 Javascript, React and NextJs Projects

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