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[Js-Craft #44] Pick the topic for your next JsCraft Academy course, React copy and paste images, Javascript symbols, and more

CSS Grid – increase element at hover

Copy and paste images to the clipboard in React

Is setState in React asyc? A practical example

Fixing the Jump target cannot cross function boundary in Javascript

JavaScript Symbols: an example-driven explanation

[Js-Craft #43] A new member of the family, uploading multiple files in React, NextJs light dark mode and more

A brief intro to the loss function and gradient descent in Javascript neuronal networks

Replace the browser URL when a user clicks on a NextJs Link

NextJs 13 – adding a simple light-dark mode

Get the domain from a URL string in JavaScript

Adding a background image to a NextJS app

Adding a close icon for an HTML dialog

Introduction to the HTML dialog: Reading Data, Opening as Non-Modal, and Styling

Autosaving form data using the Javascript Fetch API

10 Javascript AI projects with Langchain & React

Not sure what to build? Dive in with these Javascript AI projects! Learn how to build LLM powered apps using Langchain.js and React! Connect your apps to LLMs such as OpenAI, create agents, use vector databases, or setup AI context.


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📘 - 10 Javascript AI projects with React and LangChain

Hi friend! Before you go, just wanted to let you know about the 10 Javascript AI projects ideas with React and LangChain FREE ebook.

One of the best ways to learn is by doing the work. Choose from these 10 project ideas and start working on topics such as:

  • How does LangChain work
  • Connecting to OpenAI LLM
  • Create AI Agents
  • Simple and Sequential Chains
  • Adding Memory (Chat Context)
  • Prompt Templates
  • Using OutputParsers and Tools for Agents
  • Work with Documents and more...

Keep building and see the new capabilities LLM models can add to your React app! Get all projects as an ebook right to your inbox!