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[Js-Craft #33] Celebrating 200 posts, new sections of the newsletter, the Nextjs course, and more

Fallback images in native html with img onerror

JS interview question #1: length encoding and decoding for strings

A brief look at the NextJs 13 server components

Client components and the “use client” directive in NextJs 13

Javascript reduce array method explained

NextJs 13 layouts tutorial: the layout.js file, nested layouts, and state preservation

Mac OS X Terminal navigation shortcuts for long commands

Tips for JavaScript object destructuring

Using the CSS link :target pseudo-class to style elements

JavaScript multiple conditions for string startsWith

How to fix CLS for font swapping with CSS size-adjust

[Js-Craft #32] First app with the new NextJs 13, make a calendar with CSS grid and more

What are the new features and changes in NextJs 13?

First app with NextJs 13: setup, the new /app folder, and routing system

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