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Marking a TensorflowJs model to predict user movie preferences

A brief intro to the loss function and gradient descent in Javascript neuronal networks

What is the learning rate parameter in TensorflowJs

Machine Learning vs Classic Programming

AI Summarization: The Future of Content Consumption ?

TensorflowJs detect multiple objects from an image with COCO-SSD – PART 2

TensorflowJs detect multiple objects from an image with COCO-SSD – PART 1

Using the TensorflowJs argMax() function

The one hot encoding function in TensorflowJs: tf.oneHot()

Reading the weights of a TensorflowJs model

What is the bias in a Javascript neuronal network?

Understanding the model.summary() method in TensorflowJs

TensorflowJs functional model – using the tf.model() function

TensorflowJs sequential model – using the tf.sequential() function

TensorflowJs machine learning with Javascript – images object detection example

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📘 - 10 Javascript AI projects with React and LangChain

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  • How does LangChain work
  • Connecting to OpenAI LLM
  • Create AI Agents
  • Simple and Sequential Chains
  • Adding Memory (Chat Context)
  • Prompt Templates
  • Using OutputParsers and Tools for Agents
  • Work with Documents and more...

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