Error “localStorage is not defined” in NextJs – how to fix it

Using Font Awesome with NextJs app folder example

Fixing the – selector “body” is not pure (pure selectors must contain at least one local class or id) – error in NextJs

NextJs page transitions – app folder enter page animation example

Templates vs Layouts in NextJs

Fixing the error required parameter (slug) was not provided as a string in generateStaticParams in NextJs

Example of using the generateStaticParams() in NextJs 13 within the app folder

Multiple URL parameters in NextJs with catch-all segments: the […name] and [[…name]] folders

Create shared layouts (multiple root layouts) in NextJs 13

Next 13 – Special files and folders naming conventions in the app folder

Active link for navigation menu in NextJs 13

UseSelectedLayoutSegment() vs UseSelectedLayoutSegments() in NextJs 13

Using locally stored custom fonts in NextJs 13

Using Google Fonts in NextJs 13 with @next/font

NextJs 13 fetching data: using the cache and revalidating flags

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